These Are The Weird Addictions People Have: Part Two

If you read These Are The Weird Addictions People Have: Part One, then you know that some people like to eat glass, some people like to eat dirt, and some people like to pull their own hair out. Ok, they don’t like to, but they are addicted to it. Here are some more weird addictions that people have.

Drinking Urine

Ok, I think we can all agree that if it truly came down to it, and it was drink your own urine and live, or don’t and die, that we would do it. But then there are the people that don’t do it because they have to or even to save their own life. Nope, some people literally like it and cannot get enough of this addiction. Not only do some people drink it but it can also be consumed nasally via Neti Pot. Mmmm, there’s nothing like having all the scents and all the taste of urine as you consume it. It can also be put into your eyes (don’t ask me why) and used to brush your teeth. **Gagging**

Bleaching Your Hair

And no, not at the salon but your favorite stylist. People like to lighten their hair on their own and have with products like Sun In or even with a bottle of Hydrogen Peroxide. But there was a woman that just used bleach, straight bleach on her hair, and up to three times a day.  “It was like, eat, bleach, rinse, repeat,” she said. But it was causing her hair to fall out. She was lucky to have her hair saved by a team of stylists, but if she goes back to her bleaching ways, she may not be so lucky next time. This is one of the craziest addictions for sure. If your hair was falling out, would you really keep doing what you’re doing?

Breast Implants

It’s no secret that people are obsessed with body modifications. Whether it’s tattoos, piercings, or surgeries, some people cannot get enough. One woman in particular is now in her 40s but started with breast implant surgeries in her 20s and has increased her bust size to a MMM bra. She spent over a quarter million dollars to get to this size and has even considered a larger size, QQQ. 

Getting Stung By Bees

Now this is a hard no for most people. Some are deathly allergic to bee stings. But one thing is for certain, most hate to get stung by a bee. Even without an allergic reaction, lots swell up, itch, and generally hurt like Hell. But, like anything else, some people are addicted to it. Yup, addicted to giving themselves bee stings. A woman in her 50s gets bees to sting her in her elbows, hips, ankles, fingers, forehead, and nose. “The most I’ve ever given myself is between 15 and 20 on my left hip,” she admitted. She’s been doing this for 10 years in hopes that it would ease her arthritis pain. But since starting, she’s gotten used to the pain and it “got easier every time.” Ok, but does it even help your arthritis?

Huffing Gasoline

So my brother likes the smell of gas and he always has. Weird? Yes. But not too out of the ordinary. The thing is huffing anything can be extremely dangerous (people, our noses provide direct access to our brain!) People who are addicted to huffing gas soak a rag in it, put it over their mouth and nose, and breath in. Yes, they like it that much. Others combine this with drinking to enhance the high. This can result in more than a high though and can produce hallucinations, dizziness, vomiting, and slow reflexes in the short-term. And long-term? Well, you can die. 

Drinking Human Blood

So if you get a (small) cut on your finger, you can always stick it into your mouth. People who don’t like the taste of blood (me!) think this is disgusting but we have all seen people do it. Some people go a step further, or in this case a whole glass, and literally drink blood. As a teen, a woman began drinking her own blood. Years later, she fulfills her craving with pig’s blood. Drinking human blood is dangerous as consuming mass amounts of any bodily fluid puts you at risk for diseases. Blood is full of iron, too, and could give your an overload and possibly damage your organs.

Hopefully none of these addictions are yours. Most are pretty unhealthy for you and honestly, hard to sustain over time. 

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